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Ethical Trading

Ethical trade means that retailers, brands and their suppliers take responsibility for improving the working conditions of the people who make the products they sell. Rigalo Private Limited has its full commitment to ethical trading and thus addresses issues like wages, hours of work, health and safety and the right to join free trade unions. ‘Doing’ ethical trade is much harder than it sounds. Modern supply chains are vast, complex and span the globe. Labor issues are themselves challenging. As a global company we are ready to take the challenges and practice ethical codes in all spheres of our business.

Logistics Support

Integrated Logistics support: Excellent logistics are practiced at Rigalo Private Limited for all stages between farmers, manufacturers, printers and end customers. Our products are stored in our own warehouse which is fully alarmed with direct connection to the authorities and covered by CCTV surveillance. These exceptional warehouse facilities enable Rigalo Private Limited to respond quickly to clients’ urgent stock orders for immediate dispatch or hold stock on account to be drawn down when required. Other logistical services can also be supplied, providing clients with a full range of options, such as re-labelling, stock control, quality control and multi-drop distribution.

Expertise Support Team

Experienced and creative designers: We’ve a great team of designers. All our products are designed by industry expert designers to meet the varying degree of needs of our customers. Creative designers across the globe are always welcome to join our team and add value to the green renaissance we’re dreaming of.

Quality products

Rigalo Private Limited believes in design, quality and service. We strive to achieve the highest standard in terms of producing the top quality green products. We don’t look for shortcut rather we work hard and relentlessly until our customers are fully satisfied with the quality and service.

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Affordable Price

We offer the best and cheap market rate for our products.

High Quality Product

We focus on to provide our clients the most competitive advantage with high quality products in a minimum time.

On Time Delivery

We are highly committed to maintain timely deliveries for our valued clients.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We ensure customer satisfaction with our highest integrity of service and best products from Bangladesh.


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